Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going, Going....

This week of sewing hasn't been so much, sadly my sewing machine hasn't been working well. I think it's the timing and the bobbin case is bad on it. My machine is a Brother and is almost 15 years old so I think it is starting to brake down. My machine's bobbin stitching is skipping and I have broke 4 needles on my project i am sewing, which has been over a week of sewing! So not like me. I have stopped a thousand times readjusting it trying to get it work. 
  After a week of almost no sewing I have found I have two options. Option 1, get mine serviced and fixed, about $100 at the moment if they don't find anything else wrong. It is also a hour drive from the house and would take a week. Option 2, buy a new cheaper model which would be $200. So I am weighing the options. Any thoughts or advice ladies would be greatly appreciated!


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