Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Fun!

 for me!! I finished up Sweet pea's Jump rope dress for Oliver + S I started on Saturday. Hubby was off today so I was able to squeeze in some extra sewing time this afternoon!
 She wasn't in the mood to pose today, can you tell?? I used the Rose fabric from the Nicey Jane collection with a orange kona fabric for the placket, belt loops and sleeve button tabs. The dress is a 18-24 months size which is a bit big but I want it to fit her this fall and winter too.
 I sewn my label on the pocket this time, I wanted it some place different for this dress. 

I do love this pattern!! The directions are very well written and make sewing the dress a breeze. If you want to try a great pattern I would recommend this one for sure!

 I also finished up a bucket hat for Sweet pea too. (from the Oliver + S little Things to Sew Book) It is a shame she won't wear it. And look at all the grass in our yard!! (try not to look at the gigantic pill of branches and the mangled fencing left over from the trees getting cut down, still working on cleaning the yard up) We have spent alot of time working on the yard and it seems to be finally paying off! (we had 80 trees cut down from our yard this past spring and I am not missing them at all.)
Happy Sewing!!



  1. Well done! The Nicey Jane fabric is fabulous...and the orange such a fun detail. I love it.

  2. Thank you so much! I love the orange with this too. :)

  3. Hi Sharon
    I like your Jump Rope Dress, the orange acent fabric really makes the dress pop! Coincidentally I also started making a Jump Rope dress last Saturday..last night I am up to attaching the collars, pictures of the completed dress should be on my blog next Monday.

  4. Your dress is so cute. I have got a couple of questions. What is Oliver+s? Where can I get this adorable pattern? You did such a lovely job. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Very cute hat..Sweet Pea is sure growing up this year! Eighty trees is almost a must have a big yard.

  6. A. Vang you can find the pattern at
    but onlt in the 6m-3T size. The bigger sizes have been out of print and is harder to find. Lucky me found the bigger size pattern at a local quilt shop. :)
    Naturally Carol, we have a big yard now!! It was really a forrest before, we couldn't get grass to grow for anything before.I am now loven the yard after living here for 6 years. :)


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