Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Flower Shelf Tutorial

 Good afternoon ladies! I hope everyone day is going well. I made Sweet a new shelf for her room redo. Well, the shelf isn't new but sure does look like it now! It was a pail purple color before. All I had to do was paint it the same color as her new picture frames for her room so it would match. So this was another free project!
 To make this simple pretty shelf all you need is of course a shelf and some flowers. I bought mine a while ago from Hobby Lobby so I didn't have go out and buy any, and a lovely assentant.
First pull all the flowers of the stems and figure out where you want all your flowers to goJust place hot glue on the back of the flowers and place them onto the shelf, it's that easy! I put one type of flower on at a time then added the rest from there.
 First the roses then the daises went on flat. (Sweet pea was enjoyong some fish crackers here, lol, so she left me)
 I glued the hydrandes onto the top back of the daises, that way they layed flat.
 Here is a better look at the back of the daises (or the top of the shelf).
 Add in some rose leaves to finish & Tada!!
 A quick new shelf to and some beauty to any girl's space!
I am almost done with the strips too! I can't wait to show you her finished room.


  1. Hi Sharon..the room is so pretty and fresh now. Her room will look like spring time all year around, I love the colours you've chosen, the stripes and the flowery shelf!

  2. A aplicação das flores na prateleira ficou muito delicada, parabéns



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