Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's Go Explore!

 I was able to finally finish my boys' explorer vest tonight!! I used the pattern from the Little Things to Sew book. I don't know who is happier, them or me. My good old sewing machine started to have a number of problems and after weighing the cost of getting it fix and buying a new machine we decided to spring for a new one. (only $50 more for the new) This is that part that makes me happy!! :)
 They loved the pockets that were on the front and the back of the vest, lots of room for neat treasures they can find.
 This fellow found a pretty neat moth, it is pink and white. We haven't seen one of these before and he thought it was the coolest thing. Of course he found it because of his explorer vest. ;) or so he thought.

I hope every one's weekend is going well!


  1. The vests are great! So useful and cute. Enjoy your exploring and your new sewing machine!

  2. Oh, these Explorer Vests are so CUTE!!! I need to make a couple of these - might be my favorite pattern from the Little Things book. Hrrrmm.

    P.S. Cracks me up that my word verification is "unfun" (no kidding). I'm like, I beg to differ!! :-)

  3. Love the matching Explorer Vests! They look so cute!

  4. You made THREE of them?! Way to go!! :)

  5. You made three!! Great job!! The moth you found is called a rosy maple moth!
    keep exploring!!

  6. Wow! Three vests! They look great and like the boys will really enjoy them. And yay for a new sewing machine!

  7. The vests look GREAT. You're amazing that you made three... course how could you choose who would get it if you had just made one? Lovely.


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