Friday, July 1, 2011

D is for donut

We have been so busy this week at our house! We have been working on the yard, I have been sewing and the kids have been having a blast on their new swing set. One really fun activity we did this week was make alphabet donuts.

I just used my favorite cake donut recipe  an cut the letters out with the alphabet cookie cutters.

Fry them up fro a taste treat, because the cookie cutters were on the small side it made a TON of donuts for the kids!!

Just add your favorite topping and enjoy!

The kids thought these were just the coolest!

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Those donut letters look delicious..what a treat! Now all you needed was a big cup of chai latte to wash them down Happy fourth of July tomorrow..I am sure Sweet Pea will look georgeous in her new dress.


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