Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Upcycle!

I had these two shirt sitting in closet and made them into a shirt and this dress for Sweet pea. She loves them but she really doesn't wear alot of knits.... until now! I use the Oliver + S  hopscotch pattern. It sews up very quickly and easy, about an hour for the dress. Can you tell I am addicted to these patterns lately?!?
 Sweet pea thought it was the perfect couch jumping dress so pardon the photos seeing she wouldn't sit still.
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Such a cute dress. That would be perfect for the fall! I may have to get me that pattern :)

  2. Way to go sewing with knits! Do you use a double needle or just a jersey needle on a stretch stitch?
    I've never tried an Oliver and S pattern. Looks adorable!

  3. You'll love the Oliver + S patterns, very addictive they are. ;) I sewn the seams on the inside with my serger and hemed the bottom with a double neelde. My machine does have a stitch for knits though, it's a zig zag stitch to allow the knit fabric to strech still. I have tried this too and it works great!



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