Friday, March 25, 2011

Butterflies and Polka Dots!

I made Sweet pea her first pillow case dress, I am in love with the colors of this one! It is bright and cheerful, all of her favorite colors. And she is standing on her own here!!! We are getting closer to walking but not quite there yet.

I made the pattern myself, I rarely use bought patterns. I got the idea from this dress from a pamplet at Hoby Lobby. I thought it wouldn't be hard to make this dress without a pattern. It is pretty simple. I made the ties at the top of her dress to match a border at the bottom of the dress. There are two different fabrics bordring the very bottom and two pockets on this dress. Perfect for spring and summer!

Here she is with one of her older brothers, I think they look so sweet in this picture! :) He is helping her stand, that and so she won't crawl off, lol.

the pockets are two differnt colors with the same fabric at the top of the pocket as the top ties.

Our label at the bottom, still loven them. It the little things that make me happy. :) I know I am very dorky.

And a tag on the inside so I will rember the size I make her dresses.

I don't know what they are looking at here, lol.

Happy Sewing!!!


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