Friday, March 11, 2011

A Play Castle Fit for a Princess!!

The results are in, I made the first week for 1 Month 2 win it!! I am very ecstatic! I will admit I wasn't so sure I would make it with all the fantastic projects the ladies made.

I took a pack and play I found that was being thrown out, pieces of a culvert that was laying outside on the ground, an old pillow shame and a king size sheet and turned it into a play castle for the smaller kids in our house.
It is complete with two red flags on top with red little roof a top the towers.
Sweet pea just loves it! She plays in here most the time now. All her little treasures are inside, including her tea cup and baby.

It has real working windows that she loves to peek out.
It was really fun project to make. :) Have a happy weekend!!

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  1. this castle is amazing! My kids would LOVE this! The closest I come is throwing a fitted sheet on top of the bed posts to make a 'fort' - lol. Great job :)


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