Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet pea's first Tea Party & a Cross Over Gardern Dress

Sweet pea had her first tea party today! She had blast eating pretty cookies and sipping pretend tea. Her brothers even joined in on the fun. :)

I made Sweet pea a cross over dress out of the Nicey Jane fabric from Heather Bailey. I used the polka dot fabric to make two rows of ruffles on the bottom of the dress, the ruffles go all the way to back of the dress. I made the ruffles by cutting the fabric 2" wide and surge the teh raw edes of the fabric. The buttons are covered with the pink polka dot fabric.

" would you like a cookie?"
I got the cookie recipe from Girl.Inspired. (did I mention that this is one of my favorite blogs?!?)

Sweet pea "helped" make the cookies. This was the first time we made cookie together as Mother and daughter. :) No she didn't help very much but it was fun for the two of us!

Here is the bloomers under her dress. It was made with the ploka dot fabric and I used the flower fabric to make the ruffles on the back.

This dress was a lot of fun to make, I just love making ruffles with my serger! It will be perfect for the hot weather to come (it is going to be in the 80s tommorrow!).

Happy Sewing!



  1. I love everything about this dress! The ruffles and the fabric are just perfection!

  2. Did you use a pattern for this? I love the square neck and all the ruffles!

  3. Jen, I used a basic pattern as my startinmg point but changed it up. I rarely leave a pattern as is, lol.


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